Knowledge Solutions  for Smarter Organizations

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Improving Client Performance


Training Dimensions, Inc., works with clients to improve performance through

  • Online Training Development,
  • Procedure and Workflow Automation
  • Converting Knowledge to Revenue.    
Exceeding client expectations is not simply a result of our good work, it is an objective we actively strive to achieve.

We Measure Success


We measure our success based on the value we create for our clients, which may entail:

  • increasing revenue and profitability,
  • reinvigorating their passion and exhilaration,
  • enhancing teamwork, productivity and accountability
  • reducing stress, exhaustion and long hours
  • increasing client's personal incomes



Our Strengths and Values

We are creative (thinking up new solutions) and innovative (making ideas happen).

We take the best of the old and apply them in efficient and innovative ways to new circumstances and situations.

We  have fun in each engagement.  While our project goals and pursuits are serious, our methods for achieving them must be enjoyable.  

We thrive on making complex matter simple.

We strive for balance by working hard for clients at appropriate times, but maintain commitment to personal life and family.

We are not know-it-alls -- We strive to be straightforward and open in communications, and if a client has a problem we don't know enough about, we'll find and share possible answers.

We learn new skills and seek out new knowledge that will help us better serve our clients and satisfy our own intellectual curiosities.