Convert Knowledge to Revenue

generate passive revenues

We help companies generate passive revenues by leveraging knowledge assets through conversion to e-books, e-learning and other passive activities. These programs enhance credibility with clients while generating additional revenues.  

We also assist Universities and non-Profits generate more revenues from underutilized intellectual assets.

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Online Courses: Enhance Productivity and Revenues

Online Courses: Enhance Productivity and Revenues

Procedure and Workflow Automation

Better Procedures, Better Performance

Growing your business and meeting organizational goals requires leveraging your knowledge by systemizing your processes.  By documenting and automating your processes, others in your organization can do them, freeing your time for expanding your business.  Plus you reduce errors, get more work done in a shorter amount of time and enhance the value of your firm.

Training Dimensions creates procedures that are clearly written and formatted, simple to follow and include checklists which we visually enhance with screenshots, animated GIFS, and videos. And they reside online enabling you to share with your team and track performance easily.

  • Compliance Procedures
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Client Onboarding
  • Project Execution
  • Sales Processes
  • Proposal Procedures
  • SOPs


Automate Procedures and workflows

Automate Procedures and workflows

Online Training Development

Streamline Employee Training

Custom training has always been the best option, but usually very costly. Training Dimensions can provide you with custom online training for your employees that are unique to your firm and focused on improving performance at a lower cost than in-office training